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Hi, I’m Tally Pendragon & I’d like to bid you a very warm Welcome to the Home Page of my lovely new Website:

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You’ll find that My Site is first and foremost a Blog that Encapsulates the Energies that make up My Writing World. It’s brand new, so it has all of its Potential ahead of it, to be transferred from My Mind to the Page in Front of You now, through the Medium of My Fingers. You’ll be able to say You Saw it Here First, that you were one of its First Readers and Subscribers.

You see, when a Writer Creates a new Story, it’s never really new to them! In fact it’s probably Been Around for a Very Long Time, brewing, stewing, steeping and fermenting; Shaping Itself in the daily activities, the impressions and perceptions of the Writer’s Mind; making itself ready to pop out almost Perfectly Formed, like a Pleasant Surprise to Author and Readers alike. Everything in the Writer’s World is Food for the Mind that creates the incipient story, a Passion for the Writer’s Life is the Necessary Ingredient that brings the Story into Life on the Pages of a Book. An iMac helps in this process too, as does a Brand New Website, but neither sound Anywhere Near as Lyrical.

So, Tally’s Magic Tales will have several Categories to match the Influences that have, and still do, make up the Stories bubbling and boiling in My Mind, forging themselves into the Shape of Words that rush to spill out to the Point of the pen Keyboard, emerging into a World where they can achieve Birth and Immortality within the Same Keystrokes. Here are the Categories, and what you can expect to find in the Posts they Categorise:

  • images-20  Blog Post Categories:
    • Archaeology & History: you can read about my Experiences as a Medieval Archaeologist & Historian, and also as a University Lecturer; the Aspects I find most Fascinating in both; and how they provide the Background Influences in the Merlin’s Gambit books and other works
    • Health & Vitality: here I talk about my Daily Fight with CFS/ME, weight fluctuation, Depression & Anxiety, Migraine, and the Treatments for them that have Shaped My Life for the last two decades
    • Merlin, Vanda & Brian: get the Background Stories on the Main Characters of the Merlin’s Gambit books; you may have to avoid these posts if you don’t do Spoilers
    • Writing & Magic: this is where my very own personal Tree of Life produces its Best Fruit, where you can Experience the Creation of My Books and my career as a Successful Published Author, learn with me How to Do This for Yourself, and Begin Your Own Journey to the Empowerment of a Successfully Published Writer’s Life – no promises, we’ll do it together, Perfect the Process as we go
    • Spirituality: one of the main influences to my Research Trajectory, and my Integrity as a Woman of the species homo sapiens sapiens, has been the Spiritual Search that has carried me on the Crests and Troughs of Life’s Waves; my Present Beliefs aren’t as important as the Process by which I Arrived at them, but I’ll talk about both
    • Costumes & Crafts: by necessity Budget is the word I’ve always associated with Fashion, Interior Decor and Design; I’ve been Upcycling since long before that particular term became de rigeur, and I’ll share my Beautiful Secrets with you, including photos of Historical Costumes, my own personal Idea of Fashion, as well as other crafts ranging from Appliqué Embroidery to Four-Poster Pooch Palaces
    • My Family & Other Wee Beasties: mostly stuff about my two Adorable little Westies, Merlin & Pippin, but also broader ideas about Pets in general

You’ll find them listed in the Sidebar on the Right, along with the Titles of the most Recent Posts, and underneath the Join me on facebook box. The Categories that relate only to My Books are also in the Menu Bar above. You can also Access Each Post by clicking on the text under the Big Pictures at the top of the Home Page as they slide.

Right, that’s the Important Bits out of the way, now for a bit of Housekeeping, and What’s What:

  • 10014693_10152088272508105_5012093495602823442_n  Who is this Website for?
    • Anyone who reads the Blog Post Categories above
    • And who Wants to Know anything About any of Them
    • so my Aim is to Serve a Broad Readership!
  • images-1 What else does this website Aim to Do? Well, the aims of Tally’s Magic Tales are Threefold:
    • First and foremost it’s a Place for me to Establish Myself as an Author of Historical Fantasy Fiction with a lot of Romance and elements of Mystery and Thriller, and to be able to Interact with My Readers; kind of like an Online Internet Café, if there is such a thing, and if there isn’t we’ll just set about Creating One Together and making it a Force to be reckoned with
    • Secondly, it’s a place where I want to Learn My Trade as a 21st Century Author, with all the geeky social media sales and marketing stuff that it now perforce entails, and pass the Benefit of My Experience on to You if you Want to Do Likewise
    • Lastly, I’d rather like to be able to Make Some Money within the next decade as I’m not so very far off the Point of Retirement, and I’d like to be able to Enjoy the Simple Things, you know, like Travelling to do that oh so Necessary Research for Future Titles; this means using all the Powder in My Arsenal and supplementing Book Sales with Professional Blogging – I only realised that was a Real Thing when I looked at a Very Successful Writer‘s own blog just the other day, and I still have to Research that one, but, like I said, we’ll Get There Together
  • images-17  So, it’s Mainly a Blog, but there are Three Other Pages, and their functions are:
    • To give you Information about me that’s the About Me page, strangely
    • And my books – the My Books page
    • As well as an opportunity to talk to me without the Whole World reading it in the Comments – that’s the Contact Me page
  • In the Sidebar on the Right there are some more Useful Bits & Pieces:
    • You can join me on facebook, and link to my fan page; it’s called Tally’s Magic Books
    • You can Subscribe to Tally’s Magic Tales so you Never Miss a Post
    • You can even buy Worlds Without End, which is the one book I currently have available on Lulu.com, but we’ll get to that later

The Library  Now we get to The Work Bit! And, Firstly, OLD work:

  • Unfinished Novels that are presently lying in my filing trays:
  • The (Czech) Secret Policemans Ball:
  • Just Another Winters Tale:
  • Ace of Hearts:

Thanks to a new idea from the pen of one of my writing gurus (look out for Blog Posts on WOOT and Author Influences I Consider to be Indispensable), I am going to give these three Unfinished titles some new treatment. It’s called “Blogging Your Book” (cf Blog Posts), and should be a lot of fun, not least because you’ll be able to virtually write them with me by commenting on each blog post how you think the stories should evolve, which bits you think are great and not-so-great.

I’m thinking of ways to turn Elysia’s 25 days of Advent Journey from WWE into a series of 25 guided Christmas Meditations that mirror the days of Advent, so that everyone can experience their own journey. There’s a while to go to Christmas 2014 yet, but look out for Blog Posts on this if you love Christmas and want to make it just that bit more spiritual in the midst of all the hype and hustle and bustle.

And finally:

  • Old Mythologies! There will be at least one new blogging category, or page, depending how much I find to say about it
    • Arthurian
    • Czech fairytales from my time in Prague

and their influences upon the world around my stories

There’s also a constantly evolving Bibliography post, which will have details of all the books I consider to have been influences, whether academic archaeological and historical, novels, or how-to writers’ books, that will foster an understanding of the world My Characters inhabit.

And don’t forget to Subscribe there on the right so you’ll get automatic notifications of new blog posts and be the first to read and comment on them!

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