Blue Skies For Merlin Over Italy – Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge – 24th September, 2014

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September 24, 2014 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) include a story where “blue skies won’t wait for you.” What is your character waiting for? Is it too late or  does the impulse come in time? Maybe blue skies are a calling. Try not to think to deeply, and do a quick free-write. Invite your unconscious mind to the page and see what it makes of the phrase.

I’m so pleased that I read the words do a quick free-write and just let this come out as stream of consciousness. Before I read them I not only had no idea of what to write for the flash, but also had no idea how I was going to get Merlin from his home in Caer-Myrddin (Carmarthen, South Wales) to Rome. It’s all in there, just needs the right touch of the hammer to tap it all into shape 🙂

Blue Skies For Merlin Over Italy

I disembarked after a choppy sea journey from Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer to Ostia Antica and prepared myself for the walk along the Appian Way to Rome – it’s further than you think without a horse!

The sky seemed somehow to be a deeper blue in Theoderic’s Italy than it had in the territory of the Burgundians. I looked up, letting my gaze penetrate the ozone while searching for the place where the full, Harvest Moon would rise, and caught myself talking to the elements … “Don’t wait for me, blue skies! I have a delicious date with darkness tonight.”

At least Merlin now knows where he’s going, so I’m happy. Let’s hope everyone reading this knows where they’re going too, that there are blue skies involved, and here’s some of the Brightest Blessings to you all to go with them, as always,

Tally :-)

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  • Charli Mills says:

    So awesome that Merlin led you to this! Great description of revision, too–the right hammer tap. 😉

  • Tally Pendragon says:

    I’ve been so busy looking at a brilliant new business opportunity this past week that I’m surprised he managed to get out at all, to be quite honest. I can only think that some of his magic’s rubbing off on me big time! It’s been a year of big sea changes for me and they just keep getting bigger … That’s a good thing though – the bigger the waves get the deeper I seem to be managing to roll 🙂

    Brightest Blessings and clear blue skies to you, Charli, all the way,
    Tally 🙂

    PS: Thanks for giving me the chance to find and air my heart’s work on Carrot Ranch through the Flash Fiction, it really helps and I really appreciate it 🙂

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