Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge, 11th February, 2015

February 11

February 11, 2015 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that demonstrates compassion. You can explore weltschmerz (enabling us to care enough about what’s wrong) and meliorism (driving us to try to do something about it) if you want to explore those specific terms. Consider posting on February 20, too.

These flash prompts keep pushing me further and further into unknown territory! That’s a good thing, btw, in case you were wondering if I’m sitting here holding my head in my hands and crying into a soggy tissue. The creative urge gets stretched in directions it’s meant to go, but probably wouldn’t get there so quickly but for the ever-vigilant weekly prompt from Ms Mills.

This week is the longest stretch yet, and it’s not only Merlin who’s feeling the pinch! I hadn’t realised how much of Merlin’s life has been out of the compassionate spotlight. He’s an accomplished fighter, brought up to know swordplay and the martial arts of the battlefield, although, having never been on the battle field, he’s never been around the dying and wounded who needed tending. And anything that smacks of being a sissy has always been a bit of a no-no in his men-of-iron-and-steel world, so he’s never exactly had to run over to his buddies as they got those cuts and bruises in training to tend to them. It just wouldn’t have been the done thing. So, he has a very sharp awakening coming to him now, and it’s delivered with that kind of tone you just don’t disobey, even if you are almost 5th century royalty.

I also hadn’t realised how difficult it is to research and write about somewhere, and some when for that matter, that you’re not even peripherally familiar with. For instance, 1st century Roman Judaea! So,what do I do? Spend months in research I probably won’t remember, and still not know what I’m talking about? Send out messages to the cosmos to find me a new friend who is? That’s all a bit too haphazard for me. So I’ll do what I always do: create an illusion and write around the new stuff with what I DO know. Hmm, we’ll ALL have to wait and see how well that works out, then.

Here’s a little picture of the type of building Jesus was supposed to have been very familiar with. That’s a good start!


Merlin Learns a New Way

Anna thought and worked quickly, stanching the flow of blood with a cord around the man’s leg, patching up the gash the falling masonry had made, and being sure that he was safe, in mind and body, before moving on through the mass of poorer dwellings all huddled together like shy schoolgirls.
“Next time you can do the healing, Merlin!”
“Did you think yours was to be a watching ministry while you’re with us?”
“But surely healing’s for women.”
“Healing’s what the ministry’s all about, whether you’re man or woman, Merlin. Get used to it, or go home!”

I’m pleased to say that I’ve just posted And of the Secret Never to be Told, the scene with Merlin’s exciting entrance into this 1st century Judaean landscape, so, if you’ve enjoyed this flash and you’d like to experience more of my Merlin, just pop across to the Blogging My Book tab, where you can also read more of his partners in fiction in the previous posts.

Brightest Blessings to you ALL, as always,

Tally :-)

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  • Charli Mills says:

    Glad the prompts are stretching you! Actually, I know less about my topics than you do about most of Merlin’s manifestations and ages and have found that even after researching I still have gaps. So I fill them with imagination then try to find a knowledgeable historian to answer mores pecific questions!

    I like Merlin’s position in this scene. Ironic, to consider that the medical profession was (and to an extent, still is) male dominated. And that women healers were routed out as witches. I’m frustrated that I can’t go to a midwife for female issues because state law prohibits well-womean visits. It feels like women are still prohibited from the old healing arts!

    • Tally Pendragon says:

      They always stretch me, Charli! You have an unerring arrow for a prompt which always seems to drive right for the next thing I need to be thinking about! I think of it as the magic of the world we choose to live in.

      I must admit that one came from the stars – you know, that thing where ideas float past you and as you grab onto them you know you don’t have to take responsibility for them because they’re external things you just picked out of the air as they passed by! I didn’t want to think it through because I like the freshness of that approach for flash. Not for the final cut, just for the playing around with ideas part, which is something I’m finding flash is so brilliant at doing. Which probably means that by the time it becomes woven into the fabric of the story, Merlin will be an accomplished healer who was having a bit of a moody on that day! Doesn’t matter for a while though, I seem to have slowed down significantly since just before Christmas on the blogging scenes thing. Funny thing, that was about the same time the Doc changed my meds! Am I seeing a connection here? Maybe that’s all part of the magic too, in some bigger picture way that I’m still unable to see ;-).

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  • Irene Waters says:

    I enjoyed Merlin’s visit to Jesus’s world. Just shows we can be taught compassion.

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