Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge, 7th January, 2015


January 7, 2015 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that describes a moment of being. It can be practical, such as what it’s like to be a traveler on a crowded plane or a working parent trying to get breakfast served. It can be reflective, such as what it’s like to experience prejudice or a pilgrimage. It can be silly, scary or surreal.

Ok, who’s still finding it hard to focus on the work of the New Year after the holiday stuff’s all gone? Meeeee, that’s who! So, another brilliantly prompted flash from Charli is exactly what I need to get me back on track. And, as usual, this one is particularly apposite as it’s the moment the last two scenes–the ones that I need to be working on like NOW–are gearing up for: Merlin’s call to action and his acceptance of it, now that the ridiculous notion of him ever being a priest of the Roman Rite has been left in the ashes of his last meal. Oh, how exciting.

And to wash that down with some lovely imagery, here’s what he’ll look like when he’s accepted his better documented rôle of Kingmaker in later life … but that’s not until he’s had all of his own fun and adventures running through all the books I have planned for him in my Modern Mythology Series, of which the Merlin’s Gambit Trilogy is only the beginning. This is Sam Neill playing the joint best Merlin I’ve ever had the pleasure to watch, in the BBC mini-series Merlin–the other being Nicol Williamson in Excalibur! I just love the clothes, and, well, ok, Sam Neill too–who wouldn’t?! The full moon figures grandly in this flash, and I like to think that this is how she would look as Merlin gazes upon her fullness, glimpsing her through the trees lining the edge of the Via Ostia as he experiences his first moment of Supreme Being. And, should his feminine side be apparent on the outside, the lovely picture furthest below is exactly what both he and that moment would BE captured in.

 merlin7841  full-moon-28999-1680x1050

Mother Moon Swells Fullest

The staff that Francesco had just given me was in my hand–my mascot for this mission, he had said. Its two dragons forever locked together in their intricately entwined carvings, proud heads level with mine as I opened my arms wide, breathed deeply and engaged with Mother Moon in those last seconds to her fullest point. I focused on the time, place and substance of my mission and smiled.

It’s time to be the best that I can be; the moment to be the first link in a chain that will make the ultimate difference is right now …


Thanks for reading, I hope you’ve enjoyed Merlin’s moment to BE. If you have, and you’d like to read more, you’ll find the scenes I’ve written of Earth Magic here on my blog under the Blogging My Book category.

Brightest Blessings to ALL, as always,

Tally 🙂

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  • Charli Mills says:

    May Merlin’s call to action be yours for the next season of writing his story! I can just feel the power building up in this scene. I never did see Sam Neil’s role, but love the picture! Nicol Williamson was definitely my favorite actor of Merlin.

  • Irene Waters says:

    You really took us to the moment. I could visualise the scene vividly. You are reaching an exciting point with so much more planned. Way to go. Sam Neal – I heard of him for the first time a couple of days ago. I gather he is the new heart throb and I can see why in your picture..

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