Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge, 17th December, 2014


December 17, 2014 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about rare gems. It can be treasure, rough or twinkling, an object, place or person. Go on an adventure, let you imagination fly and kick perfectionism to the curb. You are in pursuit of something greater!

Charli wrote something so lovely at the beginning of this week’s Flash Fiction post on, it touched my heart and made me feel calm and veeeerrrrry grounded, so I’m showcasing it here for all who are reading this to see as I think about the content of my own flash and let it influence my choice:

Tiny drops splatter against my face, and I’m not sure if it’s snow or rain. I look across the pasture and see a smattering of white flakes. Nothing accumulates. Perhaps on the mountain ridge the snow is sticking, but the clouds are so low, gray and dense I can’t see the ridge. It’s mid-day and the light is fogged. Blue skies do not exist in northern Idaho when the sun rolls across the southern horizon like one headlight off in the distance.

Each snap of twig cracks loudly in the silence and gloves protect my hands from the jagged edges of the branches. Dried moss falls gently into yellowed grass. It’s all flammable so I gather what I can. I’m dismantling the massive pine limbs, twig by twig. Three crashed to the ground from fifty feet above in a windstorm last spring. Dead and dry, these branches give the gift of kindling.

What is it about common work? Washing dishes or gathering kindling, feeding a barn cat or collecting eggs? It’s just chores, monotonous and unending if you cook or tend critters. Yet, outside in this spitting snow, snapping apart limbs as if I were re-making a Lego star-ship, I feel whole and grounded. I feel connected.

We all want to feel connected, to feel that our voice matters in the constant chatter of social media, to feel as if we have something to say, something to hear, something to learn. Outside, I’m a part of the great expanse, I’m one with the snow, I’m taking what was given and I’m going to light a fire and give warmth to my home. I want to write fully connected.

Charli Mills

Ok, here’s mine … Eartha & Elysia have only two days to go now and, with the whole of the rest of Worlds Without End all blogged out behind me, I can now concentrate on the future. So, we’re back to Merlin this week, and the things that ground him and bind him to the earth that gave him his magic powers. This isn’t in the book, not yet anyway, I’m making it up specifically in response to Charli’s words above …

Merlin’s Choice

Tor Anda, the very centre of of this green and pleasant land. The boy whose mother called him Little Hawk kneeled and placed his long-fingered hands dead centre into the shallow dip at the topmost point of the Tor. That was where the magic flowed, the Ent had said. He had also said, “You must learn to be like the leaf and blow in the wind”. The little people said it was a choice, that the magic could only connect if the choice were made. The boy chose.

Standing there today Merlin knew the power of that choice.

I feel humbled by the power of the rest of Charli’s post, which, having spilled out my messy flash, I have now read, and very glad to know that we all have the healing power to overcome such ugliness within us.

I hope you’ve enjoyed Merlin’s messy beginnings in the magic that fuels everything he ever does, which will undoubtedly get very messy too and, with this last post before Christmas, I leave you with this thought:

Does the real power come from what we think of as magic, as God, or the Universe? Or does it really come from that place deep within that holds the spark of our True Self and our real, infinite capabilities, and which binds us to all that is this earth, and also to each other, just as infinitely? And is connecting with that spark a choice we make?

Tally Pendragon

For me that’s what Christmas is really all about, recognising that spark, that little baby light that will grow into our own true selves, and connecting with it, if we choose to.

Happy Christmas to you all, and may all your wishes be granted.

Brightest Christmas Blessings,

Tally 🙂

PS: I just love having the phrase Lego-Starship in a post :-).

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  • Charli Mills says:

    Aw, thank you for sharing my writing here on your blog! I feel so blessed! Your flash is a powerful return to Merlin. I will be starting on his adventure next as I have been journeying with Eartha and Elysia and feel a need for that touching of the center. Choice? Yes, it comes down to realizing that choice is what we have. I have my wishes! 🙂 Thank you! Many blessings and Merry Christmas!

    • Tally Pendragon says:

      You’re very welcome: it touched me deeply, as has this week’s flash too, and I’m glad to share such inspiration.

      I’m so happy that Worlds Without End touched at least one heart as an Advent Journey, Charli, the nicest feedback I could possibly have asked for 🙂

      I’ve just written a really great post to go with the flash for Dreaming Big this week and lost the whole thing coz I didn’t save it properly … obviously wasn’t what I was meant to write; thank goodness I was more mindful of the actual flash 🙂

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