Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge, 21st January, 2015


January 21

January 21, 2015 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a 2 a.m. story. Crazy things can happen after the bars close down, even if you never go to the bar! You might, drown in a pile of snow or wake up to find a black bear in your kitchen. Well, those are northern Idaho 2 a.m. stories. What’s yours?


Ok, soooooo … how do you drop a bombshell safely? You wait until 2am, when the moon is so close to her fullest moment that time is really becoming of the essence, and you tell the wizard intending some full-moon magic something that rocks him to his very core … then you sit back and watch as he processes it. Sneaky, huh? Well, Francesco doesn’t really have a large speaking part in the drama of Earth Magic, so we’ll allow him his perfectly-chosen moment, just this once.


Francesco Speaks

“What if the crucifixion and the resurrection were kidnapped and badly reworked fictions put about to control the world order?”

2am, and Mother Moon is perilously close to full point! But Francesco’s words make me look at him with eyes that burn; it’s as if the scales fall from them, and I’m seeing him for the first time.

“What if the crucifixion and resurrection were indeed events in a much greater plan, the details of which have long been lost to all but a select few … a Plan that’s in need of Someone able to reject the false creeds?”

Images speak for themselves this week, I think you’ll agree!

As ever, I hope you’ve enjoyed this flash and if you’d like to experience more of my Merlin, and his partners in fiction, there’s plenty of him, and them, in the posts under the Blogging My Book tab, just click on the blog in the menu at the top.

Brightest Blessings to you ALL, as always,

Tally :-)

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  • Charli Mills says:

    I giggled all the way over here, to your bog! But I have to calm myself because this is a really powerful revelation that Merlin receives and I’m getting the bigger picture of how vast his knowledge is as it spans so much time and learning. Great impact and the water photos are spectacular. Okay, I’m going back to dwell at my own bog for now!

  • Tally Pendragon says:

    It’s a strange thing, but it’s the only thing guaranteed to touch the baser nerve of unrestrained humour in me. It’s just such a beautifully perfect typo, you couldn’t make it up, and becaue of the humour in the post it went completely unnoticed, except by me! I have eagle eyes for any typos anyway, largely because I never learnt to speed read, but little Merlin eyes for such marvellous gems … pleeeeeeaaaaase don’t put the ‘l’ in!
    Yes, this revelation really is at the heart of Merlin’s mission, should he choose to accept it – I’d better accept it for him, or there won’t be any more of Earth Magic to read! I love the way it just writes itself – that bit wrote itself only yesterday! Just in time for this week’s flash. I shall be finishing the scene in the next day or so, which means you can read the contextual stuff around it on my bog real soon, I hope :-).
    Thanks sooooo much for the laughs and the constant encouragement … I’m sure you know how much they both mean :-). xxx

  • Norah Colvin says:

    There are deep questions in those words! 2 am is definitely the time for questioning – everything! Great flash!

    • Tally Pendragon says:

      Thanks, Norah! Yours was pretty awesome, too … how many times have I lain there wishing for morning to come, so I didn’t have to go through the pretence of trying to sleep, with something on my mind after being jolted awake?!

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