Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge, 28th January, 2015

January 28

January 28, 2015 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about disorientation. A character could be lost in the maze of the mind or in a storm of unexpected traffic. What are the sounds? The sights? The smell? Explore the different ways confusion can be expressed and how it can create tension, provide relief or move a story forward.

Switchbacks   mountcarmelfire_before7

This week even the images match the challenge – disorientation! These are pictures of two very different aspects of Mount Carmel, both of which, to me at least, are like nothing I’ve ever experienced. If I were plonked in front of either of them I think I’d be disorientated. But If I landed in front of either of them 500 years before my own time, I’d be in a total headspin. This is just about to happen to Merlin. I rather hope that when he opens his eyes he’ll be seeing the beautiful sunrise and not a Roman road winding its way up the side of a mountain, if such a thing should even exist to be seen!

And Friend Came Too!

It always feels weird! But I’ve never been further than fifty years before, and never with a very large wolfhound in tow – his name is Friend, and I have the feeling he will be accompanying me for a while to come from now on. This being his first time travel experience he’ll have nothing to measure it against. As for me? Well, read on …

When I open my eyes everything’s dancing. I’d say I am disorientated, only I’ve never been to 1st century Roman Judaea before, so what–.

“You must be Merlin! I’m Anna, and we’ve been expecting you!”

I’m just about to post And of the Secret Never to be Told, the exciting scene that this flash would follow directly on from. So, if you’ve enjoyed this flash and you’d like to experience more of my Merlin, stay tuned! You can also read more of his partners in fiction in the previous posts under the Blogging My Book tab, just click on the blog in the menu at the top.

Brightest Blessings to you ALL, as always,

Tally :-)

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  • Charli Mills says:

    It would be disorienting to land in a different time in an unknown place. Good to have a friend along! This is taking an exciting turn (better than a twisting Roman road)!

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