Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge, 5th November, 2014


November 5, 2014 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story inspired by your muse. It can be about a muse, about longing for a muse or being thwarted by a muse. It can be serious or a-musing. It can be prose or poetic. Whatever you and your muse agree upon.


From about mid-October to waaaaaay past mid-November our lives, and that would be me and my angelic wee doggies, Merlin & Pippin, are blighted by nasty loud bangs. So, it’s been a difficult couple of weeks, this last weekend being the worst. My poor little Merlin hasn’t been well either, but the vet and I think she’s on the mend now, which is the best feeling in the world. It struck me only today that I began researching the history and archaeology for the Merlin’s Gambit trilogy at about the same time that I first brought my girlies home. I’m not sure now which Merlin came first, the Westie or the Wizard! Nor can I be sure which one became my muse first. What I do know is that both of them sit at this desk with me while I’m writing: one Merlin under the desk on a pillow with a fluffy blanket for a cover, the other right inside my head watching the words as they spill out onto the Scrivener/blog page. I’ll let you decide which one is which.

I’ve written a lot of Merlin’s part in Book One of Earth Magic over the past week, and this 99 word flash fragment comes as a timely reminder to readers of how deep his Druidic roots grow. It comes at the end of a startling revelation that has even Merlin lost for words, and, trust me, that never happens! It’s a moment in which all the above candidates – and I’m loving that Thalia and Urania are standing next to each other wearing green and purple – would find themselves in pretty stiff competition with his real Muse, whose identity you are about to discover:

Merlin Learns the Truth

“… To me, only two characters in the play of these events are blessed with anything approaching sense …” After this oration I stop for breath, or perhaps just for peace. Elbows on knees, hands outstretched, as if in supplication to my almost full Moon Mother, I lift my face to her and receive her cool Wisdom as a breath of her Spirit. She shows me the way, she always does, yet it’s cloudy and needs to take shape a while. I’m not conscious of having stopped speaking, not really. Not until he speaks, my old friend.

“And who are they?”

If this fragment has whetted your appetite for more of Merlin, you’ll have to watch the Blogging My Book posts as they roll off the blog. The scene this latest piece comes from will be posted on Thursday of next week as Scene Ten, so not long to wait.

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Brightest Blessings, as always,

Tally :-)

PS: I hope no one had any difficulty deciding which Merlin was which; I may have difficulty getting my white fluffy Merlin into my head, although sometimes I swear she’d like to try. Conversely, I suppose it could be the case that there’s very little to stop Merlin the Wizard from rolling around in all that empty space 🙂



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  • Charli Mills says:

    Got the Merlins straight and I love this line from your post: “I’m not sure now which Merlin came first, the Westie or the Wizard!” I think you have two muses!
    Two wonderful muses.

    The tease is great…it’s a window into Merlin that not even he was aware was there. I’d love to be getting your post updates. I thought I signed up and so I tried again and there’s a message about “subscription to this feed is not enabled.” Maybe that’s a hint to what needs enabling? Sometimes the backdoor stuff to our blogs is perplexing. But I’m going to catch up on my own with your story because it’s fantastic!

    Fabulous too that you research and look at both history and archaeology. I have much to learn from you!

    Blessing to you and the Westies and the Wizard! And dragons, too!

    • Aaaawww, thanks Charli 🙂 … I’d better find out how to fix the RSS feed thingy then, hadn’t I – not very good with technology when it goes wrong or needs changes made to it, only good at the initial setup, and then only with the idiot guide!

      Even More Blessings,
      Tally 🙂

      PS: even having trouble getting this reply to work!

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