Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge, 6th May, 2015

May 6

May 6, 2015 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that is a snapshot of spring. I realize that some Rough Writers are riding into autumn, and I hope this isn’t a disadvantage to focus on a season we are not collectively sharing. We could think of it as “spring eternal.” Warm, renewing, new life, hope.

Ok, I’m back in the saddle for brief forays after another rather nasty relapse that lasted longer than I expected it to. But I’m not really up to much more than a sedate trot, soooooo … as a treat to all of you who are reading, I’m handing this post over to the real writer of this week’s flash, Merlin …

Thank you, Tally. It’s a pleasure to be able to take up the slack for you in this hour of need. Please, feel free to invite me to do so again, any time, past, present or future, it’s all the same to me. Let’s get started, then. When you gave me Mrs Mills’ prompt and asked me to produce this 99 word piece of flash fiction, I was immediately drawn to her words spring eternal, and my head was awash with thoughts of the land of my boyhood and adolescence, of the beautiful landscape that greeted my eyes every time I stepped outside of the haunt I knew as my crystal cave. That view epitomised those words. The hills, shrouded in mist every morning, could just have been waiting for the sun to bathe them in her golden light and release their green, green greenness. Green is the colour of spring, and, believe me, these hills are always green! And there’s a fragrance, too, of spring eternal; it’s newly cut grass and morning dew, bubbling water from the spring that feeds the stream, the lanolin scent of the wool worn by new-born lambs, fresh-turned earth in my mother’s kitchen garden and the new mint and rosemary she always manages to crush while turning it. Eternal spring is sprung every time each person thinks a new thought, smiles a new smile, and keeps our beautiful, round world turning in optimism and hope. The spirit of eternal spring is what keeps us alive inside, it’s what makes those connections, one to another, each and every one; it’s what brings us together in that oneness from which we sprang into spring eternal. So, here’s my 99 word flash, in celebration of all of the above, and thank you very much, Tally, for having me …


The Misted Hills

The Misted Hills … sounds so mysterious, doesn’t it? What would you expect out of an environment named thus? Since I took to travelling, I now realise that I could almost exclusively be describing somewhere in coastal Wales. With its vertebral mountains and hidden coves, nowhere is ever far from the high, damp places. Yet, in the late spring, my home is so spectacularly beautiful: apple and cherry blossom, pink and fragrant, falls in flurries as new air breezes in, creating petal-strewn pathways to mountains from which one can perfectly view the setting of the newly arisen sun-god.

Oh, how beautiful Merlin’s homeland sounds! Maybe I should have him guest for me more often. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post. If you’d like to read more of Merlin’s view of the world just click on the Blog tab at the top of the page and Blogging My Book in the dropdown menu for the first fifteen scenes of Earth Magic. It’s an exciting read!

Thank you for reading and Brightest Blessings to you ALL,

Tally 🙂

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