Merlin’s Motivation – Flash Fiction Challenge – 13 August 2014

Charli's View of the Mountain from Carrot Ranch

Charli’s Motivation for This Week’s Challenge: her View of the Mountain From Carrot Ranch

August 13, 2014 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) show the underlying motivation of a character. He or she may not even understand the motivation fully, but let the reader grasp it. It can be an external or internal motivation (or both). Maybe it’s a decision, a revelation or the beginning of disaster. Maybe it shows fortitude or reveals fear. Let motivation drive your flash this week!

Well, back at Carrot Ranch by popular request is the hero of this hour, the last hour, and the next hour … oh, just call him my all-round hero of every hour, cometh the hour cometh the man, and all that. He is, after all, the man who shaped my own motivation. So, now I’m shaping his, and showing you the prime mover behind all his trickery, over-indulgence in manipulations of magic, wit, power and strength. Just wait until he meets up with himself as an old man – it has to happen, or else he can’t get himself, and his unwitting participants, out of the trouble he’s got them all into – and we’ll see some psychological games added into the magic mix. Such fun …

But for now, here’s a dollop of motivation for this week’s Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge … Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Merlin Ambrosius Aurelianus, or as his mother called him, Myrddin Emrys, or in his 21st century incarnation as my time-travelling spell-cracking genius, Solomon Drake.


Motivus Merlinus

Why did I manipulate time and place, influencing the outcome of events only I could see? They sent me to Rome! Me, half druid, half prince, yet all wizard. Come back and save us all, they adjured.

I met a wise friar who unveiled mine eyes to a synthesis so sweet, of old and new, of love and fellowship beyond all religions’ pain, free from exploitative gain. Not discarding old for new, but the dawning of a simple way, of acceptance, love, and compassion for all as if for thine own self. I knew how to make it so.

ambrosius_aurelianus____merlin___by_lordofizan-d3ibsaq copy

Just in case anyone’s remotely interested, you can say the same in Latin in only 81 words! Now there’s economy for you:

Cur manipulare tempus et locum, modo afficiunt exitus rerum videre? Quod et fecerunt mittentes ad me adferuntur! Me, Druidae dimidium, dimidium princeps, sed usque illis omnia saga. Convertimini, et salua nos omnes, quibus obtestabatur.

Occurrit mihi lumina nuda tonem summam sapientium iuvat, et veteres et novi, et caritatis, et super omnes societas religiosa, dolor et libero tincidunt lucrum. Neque perperam olim nova, sed simpliciter ad tenebras, de acceptatione, amoris et misericordiae, quia in omni quod si tibi. Ut scirem quod ita sit.

Don’t forget to visit Carrot Ranch to read all the other Flash Fiction Challenges for this week, not to mention meet up with the ranchers; here’s the url:


And here’s a Purple Dragon coz there’s entirely too much Green in this post!


Much love and brightest blessings to all,

Tally 🙂

PS: Sorry about the current renovations on my website; it’s being updated from the free version of Simple Catch to the Pro (yes, it cost me money!) version, yet none too quickly!!

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  • Charli Mills says:

    I’m soaking it all in from purple dragon to Latin flash to the incredible incarnations of Merlin! What a splendid post, so much energy in it. Too funny–too much green! Well, we all need a purple dragon to balance us out. Perhaps I have a pink one that illuminates Elmira skies.

    There must be some connection going on–I managed to get the old truck running this afternoon and rewarded efforts by driving 4 miles to put some gas in it. The gas station has a gorgeous view and prime rib on Saturdays so I had dinner out. Driving back to Elmira I saw the mists rising from the meadows–I’ve never lived anywhere like this valley with it’s rolling and rising mists. But it made me think of you and Merlin and Avalon…then I get home to find your flash.

    Feeling blessed! Thank you!

    • Tally Pendragon says:

      Aaaaawww, that was such a lovely reply to read, Charli, thank you :-). I’m happy to have provided what proved to be such a nice surprise. I believe we’re all interconnected, people and the deeds they do, and I’m never surprised when I think of someone and they ring. In fact I often think specifically about someone when I want them to ring, and it always works. I must have picked it up from Merlin :-).

      Much love & brightest blessings as always,
      Tally 🙂

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