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IMG_2909 Worlds Without End

‘“Write Them down”, it says, over and over again. “Write down your Lives!”
Well, if it’s going to stop it from its insistent prodding, I might as well appease the Voice.  I know Someone who will be very glad I did, but I’m not about to let his Name slip out on the very first page!  No.  And there’s also Elysia to consider.  I suppose I should work her Story in too.’

          Two Journeys, one Physical the other Spiritual, bind Eartha and Elysia together in an Understanding of the Meaning of Life through the passage of Advent towards the last Christmas of the 20th century, and the last one for Both of them before they turn 40.

          If the word Sacrament is used correctly to describe the Outer Manifestation of an Inner Reality, you must prepare Yourself for a very Sacramental Journey! As you follow Eartha‘s roller-coaster ride through her ‘Lives‘, as she describes them, I wonder if you’ll Recognise any of the Landmarks? How many of the Diverse Experiences of her ‘Lives‘ will resonate with perhaps different Meaning in your own? Unlike Eartha, Elysia has someone who gives her Everything she has Secretly wanted in a Different Present for every day of Advent; nonetheless they Both get their Heart’s one True Desire at the Climax of their Journey on Christmas Day.

          If You could have Everything you secretly desired for Christmas, what would those things be? And, more to the point, would you be Ready for them? Will You identify with the Outer Manifestations of one journey, or the Inner Realities of the other? Only You will know the Answer to that question.


A Modern Mythology

If Worlds Without End was written as a way of Exorcising my own Ghosts, then the new series, entitled A Modern Mythology, which I’m working on at the moment, is an Exploration of the things that exist at the very Centre of my Soul.

One of my “Twitterati” posted this today:

In one tweet, can you tell the world what makes you unique and different?

I thought about it for a while, resisting the urge to tweet back “Of course I can! I’m a Pendragon! Isn’t that enough?” without any hashtagginesses anywhere in sight, and then came up with this:

@Sirjohn_writer I alone see the novels in #MyMerlin and #HisMythology from my view as an #EarlyMedievalEurope‘an #Historian/#Archaeologist

As you can see, I’m determined to trend all things Medieval throughout the Twittersphere with these #hashtags! Surprisingly, the only one that hadn’t been tweeted about previously was Early Medieval Europe, which must prove that, whilst it may be one of my fave journals, no one else seems to want to crow about it, YET.

My Point, and the one @Sirjohn_writer, aka Johnny Ray, is trying to get others to think about, is that, unless you can very quickly come up with what amounts to a tagline to ignite a reader’s curiosity, your books are almost certainly going to be dead in the water. And, if the subject of your Books, your Research, and, by default, the World around your Stories, doesn’t bring your Soul’s Fire to that point where you engage with your Readers, what’s the Point? I don’t think it even matters if the Tagline makes much sense, as long as it brings that Passion out of you as the Magic Ingredient that ignites your Spirit.

I studied for degrees in both Medieval Archaeology and Medieval History with the sole purpose of being able to write good historical and archaeological fantasy fiction when I was in the Right Place to do so. Merlin’s Gambit, constituting the first three books in the new series, is the product of everything I learnt at University and all the Research I’ve done to broaden that Knowledge since. And, after a long time spent in the Wrong Place, I am now ready. My Tagline now knows why I’m Unique and Different, and it wants to be out there in a Place far wider than even the SocialMediaSphere.

tumblr_luxvkfGTdM1r6con7o1_1280  Merlin’s Gambit

The first 3 books in the A Modern Mythology series
​The year is AD549, and Merlin, wizard extraordinaire, brought up equal shares Druid and Christian, is being sent to Rome to study for the Priesthood with The Professionals. Of course, Merlin has other ideas, and when he meets an Essene traveller called Frances on a road in Italy, who gives him a staff with two entwined snakes carved around it, he glibly flips himself back in time to where The Greatest Story Ever Told began. From here he begins to build himself a Power Nexus in the 21st century, in Glastonbury, from where he will not only rewrite The Story, but will foment the New Dawn of Civilisation, using only a brilliant and beautiful Young Archaeologist and the Blueprint of a 9th century Carolingian Monastery that has never been built.

          The year is 2013, and Vanda, brilliant Young Archaeologist, is just completing excavation, in Glastonbury, of  a 6th century Carolingian Monastery that should never have been built. But stranger things than this are beginning to happen with exponential rapidity, and Vanda is forced to give up all thought of Control in a life that is spiraling so out of control that it no longer seems to be her own.

          And then there’s Brian, and the Mysterious Moneymen

          Join them for a roller-coaster ride through History, the discovery of some of Time’s Most Precious Hidden Secrets and a lot of Beautiful Scenery.


  • JOHNNY RAY says:

    thank you for this. I go to so many conferences and see people stumble on this. but trust me you will get asked quick questions about your work and you need to have a pat answer you can use, perhaps several.

  • Estelle Haward says:

    I’m a Merlin reader and would love to read or book. Where can I purchase or book?

    • Tally Pendragon says:

      Hi Estelle,
      Sorry, took me a while to get around to finding your comment! Worlds Without End is available on Amazon, either or .com, but it’s worlds away from Merlin, and so far I’ve only got a very detailed chapter by chapter outline and 21,000 words of the Merlin’s Gambit books written yet. The Prologue and the first scene are available on the here as the first blog post of the process of “Blogging My Book”, and I’m about to do the next scene for the next post for Friday. Once I get really organised there will also be lots of posts about the archaeology, history, characters and other interesting stuff that will be in the books, particularly the blueprint for the monastery of St Gall, so you should get all the updates as and when … Thank you soooo much for subscribing today because last night I realised that I’d missed the most important setting for the RSS feed, you know, the one that actually allows the updates to get sent to everyone every time you make a post, and thanks to your timely subscription I got a notification that now makes me think it’s working properly, but please let me know if you don’t get an update on Friday!

      Brightest Blessings, and thanks again for subscribing (I’ll try and write the books as fast as I can!)
      Tally 🙂

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