The Lady of Shallot – Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction, 16th July, 2014

July 16, 2014 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story influenced by a musical score.  Where do you drift, hearing the notes? How does it fire you up to grab the story and hurl it into existence? Or is it gentle, and leading you into lyrical pastures of green? Respond by noon (PST) Tuesday, July 22 to be included in the compilation.

images-2          hell_of_the_hospitaller_by_ivanchristian-d36zdo5          Acre_-_Akko_4-_Cruzaders_dining__hall

Think eastern promise … Think Knights Templar tunnels beneath Acre … Think fleeing the Knights Hospitaller stronghold, like thieves in the night, only seconds ahead of a crazed madwoman archaeologist intent on doing you harm out of jealousy, that purest and most deadly of motives. This is the music that inspires these scenes, it’s the music I listen to while writing them.

At the first terrifying scream, Vanda ran. The image of the flaming phoenix was still bright in her eyes. She ran through tunnels that had not felt the touch of any foot for centuries. Behind her madness was unleashing more jealous screams, its rage obliterating all sense. She felt Them as they handed her along, the cool breeze of their faith rushing her to freedom. As she crashed into an unyielding door some power beyond her bade it give. Behind her it closed and once again stuck fast.
“Thank you, sweet brethren,” she breathed, and sucked in the sunlight.

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  • Charli Mills says:

    Beautiful, haunting music to accompany your flash. You write into doorways of time which is that essence of Loreena McKennitt’s music and the paintings of Waterhouse. This is such a beautiful tapestry of art, music and storytelling. I love the idea of ancient protection still standing guard.

    • If I’d thought of it a bit earlier I would have used one of the more eastern songs from “The Ancient Muse”, but I really like this one, so probably just as well I’m about as organised as a ferret 🙂

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