Worlds Without End – Prologue


Christmas 1998

My name is Eartha.  It’s a name I once hated.  I was born in April of 1960, so I suppose you could say I’m still the good side of forty.  I hope I wear it well.  My friends might say so.

It’s only four weeks to go now to Christmas.  The older I get the sooner it seems to creep up on me.  It’s a celebration I once hated.  Especially when I was a kid.  There was good reason not to like it then.  I like it well enough now, and I was sitting here at my desk, gazing at the stars of my screensaver as they disappear into computer infinity, thinking about the Christmas that’s coming and the Christmases that have gone, weighing up the difference with myself.  My latest novel sits beside me, awaiting the publisher’s suggested changes.  The deadline’s come and gone.  And yet a nagging voice keeps me fixed on this Christmas thing.

“Write them down”, it says, over and over again. “Write down your lives!”

Well, if it’s going to stop it from its insistent prodding, I might as well appease the voice.  I know someone who will be very glad I did, but I’m not about to let his name slip out on the very first page!  No.  And there’s also Elysia to consider.  I suppose I should work her story in too.

Two journeys, one physical the other spiritual, bind Eartha and Elysia together in an understanding of the Meaning of Life through the passage of Advent towards the last Christmas of the 20th century, and the last one for both of them before they turn 40.

If the word sacrament is used correctly to describe the Outer Manifestation of an Inner Reality, you must prepare yourself for a very sacramental journey! As you follow Eartha’s roller-coaster ride through her ‘lives’, as she describes them, I wonder if you’ll recognise any of the landmarks? How many of the diverse experiences of her ‘lives’ will resonate with perhaps different meaning in your own? Unlike Eartha, Elysia has someone who gives her everything she has secretly wanted in a different present for every day of Advent; nonetheless they both get their heart’s one True Desire at the climax of their journey on Christmas day.

If you could have everything you secretly desired for Christmas, what would those things be? And, more to the point, would you be ready for them? Will you identify with the Outer Manifestations of one journey, or the Inner Realities of the other? Only you will know the answer to that question.

*      *     *     *     *

November 27th, 2014

It’s Advent Journey Time! And you’ll be able to read Eartha and Elysia’s stories here through Advent. The season begins on December 1st with Chapter One, and I’ll be publishing another chapter every day until December 25th. Worlds Without End is a book I’ve categorised as a work of Autobiographical Fiction. It’s the story of my life, of how I managed to put it into the words that gave me the ability to let go of all the pain and confusion I’d felt throughout the 40 years it covers. There were many things that needed the freedom of fiction through which to view them and make sense of the strong emotions they engendered. The framing of events in the mechanism of the Advent Journey was particularly helpful, giving me a firm structure around which to chronicle my journey, and every year I’m reminded of how I’ve managed to put all the hurt and frustration of my earlier life behind me by writing this book. This year I’d like to give others the chance to take up Eartha and Elysia’s Advent Journey for themselves, so I’m making it available here on my blog, and also on a new platform called Biosgraphy that’s particularly suited to writers of all shapes and sizes, for anyone who’d like to do so. Be warned, though, it’s not going to be an easy ride …

See you all on December 1st with Chapter One!

Brightest Blessings and a Happy Advent Journey to any and all who are reading this,
Tally 🙂

PS: If you’d like to read Worlds Without End on your Kindle, or on iBooks, you can go to the My Books tab at the top of the page, or just click on the ad in the sidebar on the right, to download the complete book now.

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  • Charli Mills says:

    Clever idea to tie this into an Advent reading! As poor as I am right now, I feel blessed to get to open gifts! 🙂 Okay, not an easy ride though. That I can understand, too. I sit here with my own manuscript full of changes my editor wants, mid-way through a new draft and I don’t know whether to decorate the house or not. Childhood Christmases were awful so I set out to make them better. And they have been. I love the lights, the music, the decorations, the excuse to make elaborate cookies and watch old movies. Would love to know how you are using Biosgraphy for your writing platform! Blessings to you in sharing your journey.

    • Tally Pendragon says:

      Aaaaaawww, well, there’s plenty of gifts to come yet :-). I actually wanted to offer it as a series of Advent meditations, but as I can’t even figure out how to manage the sign-up stuff on my website I’d be meditating a long time on my own, so I thought I’d attempt to publish each chapter whole on its appropriate day and hope that whoever comes along for the ride enjoys it. The highs are high but the lows are loooooww, so it really is a roller-coaster of a ride, but there are some lovely fictional scenes that carry the story a bit further than pure autobiography would’ve done. Funny enough, the only character who’s not at all fictitious is Elysia! Shan’t tell you any more in case I spoil it for you :-O.

      You know, we have many similarities in our experiences. I often think I must be the only Christmas Grump because of the bad experiences I had of Christmas as a child. My childhood wasn’t anywhere near as extreme as yours, but I was an only child, and so fiercely independent because my parents didn’t understand children and I hoped they’d leave me alone, that most of the time I was left to fend for myself. That was ok in the 60’s, ‘home alone’ wasn’t a concept and ‘latchkey kids’ didn’t have the same ring of badness about it. I wasn’t brutalised physically but mentally the alone thing was often so depressing, especially at Christmas, and I didn’t know how to cope with it. In many ways childhood was great. I got to go and do archaeology with my dad, and got left alone to do pretty much what I pleased, and I seem to have put all the crap stuff successfully behind me in neat little boxes called chapters now that I’m 50-odd, so now it’s full steam ahead to create some blinding fiction.

      Biosgraphy? You’re the first other person I’ve come across who knows of it apart from me. I’m not sure how it fairs as a writing platform. I’m just putting earlier blog posts on it that probably haven’t been read, the Blogging My Book project with Earth Magic, and the WWE Advent Journey. All of which don’t take much time to just copy over, then I’ll wait and see what happens. Only the founders and staff have commented so far, and I have no idea how many people actually use it. I really need to learn how to maximise the potential of THIS blog but I just don’t understand how to tackle SEO on WordPress or even how to set up the subscription options to grow an email list – I hate internet marketing – but there’s no one to actually SHOW me how to press the buttons and get the required result! Maybe I should send some of my own angels to sort that out, but I so prefer lending them to others whom I think of as more deserving.

      Keep enjoying the lights and the yummy cookies and the old movies, you deserve them sooooo much after all that NaNoWriMo work :-).

  • Charli Mills says:

    We definitely have much in common! It’s hard to really quantify a rough childhood. I know people who suffered trivial childhood occurrences (a mean 4th-grade teacher or teasing because of having to wear glasses) and at our age they’re still traumatized. So, having the ability and courage to be self-aware, to write into those low places is ultimately freeing. It’s all in how we define ourselves and as writers we are always getting the chance to revise who we are and what our experience has been! In truth, the biggest hole I still have in my heart has to do with being an only child to parents who had no clue what it was to be parents. I don’t even give my abuser a second thought, but I ache over my parents not being the parents I wanted or needed. While I don’t like the phrase, it is true–“lonely onlys.” And holidays have a weird way of making it feel lonely. Thus my campaign to make it merry and bright! I wish you many bright blessings this season, too!

    I don’t know much about Biosgraphy other than that I was intrigued by the founder’s story! I’m so hands-on with the social media stuff. I have to figure it out and then I have no idea what I did! I have a few things I can’t figure out either. Keep putting it out there! <3

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